Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Celebrate the return Of SPRING, Nekkid Dave Home Furnishings Spring SALE

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Nekkid Dave Home Furnishings
106 Reynolda Village
Winston Salem, North Carolina 27106
Tuesday through Saturday, 11 AM until 5 PM

Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Edge of Being

"It's a pretty dreamy place for being creative."
Sawdust.... the smell of split wood.... the sound of machinery from ages past..

Where I find my creative,is in an open-minded people that encourage the development of interesting products, and in an environment that allows perspective to the past .

"This space allows me to look into my work for my creative designs."
But today I pause, for my four-legged companion "Winston", my ten year old Brittany, is not allowing my spark.
He in the past allowed the development of my patience.

His warm disposition allowed for his playful character, sometimes 'clown-like' appearance, and interesting playful antics, always yielded laughter, and often.

Sometimes I'd return home to find a half-eaten rabbit carcass in the yard, he was a hunter, just not the voracious type.. squirrels however were his favorite chase.
Butterflies were a delicacy for such a proper bird dog.

Winston helped raise two beautiful children into their twenties, taking them from their pre-teen ages on a journey of lessons that made us all filled with stories, adventure and tales that made us all civilized.

He had a fulfilled life, experiencing journeys to all parts of our country, but his favorite being the warm sands and salty water of the Outer Bank islands.  His last days were spent there, sniffing in those glorious scents sported by the incredible wildlife, waterfowl and swirling air.

The congestive heart condition was rapidly advancing, taking his energy, and ability to breathe.
I am inclined to believe that the worst he suffered was the fact that we would have much sorrow with his passing. Indeed, we all were pitiful.  Crying sporadically, laughing a great deal of memories overplayed our inner sorrow.

More than once I burst outside howling, to scatter my dignity.

He died in my arms as I was carrying him to our vet. I dropped my head, and wept, and wept, and wept.

My family had endured a fabulous journey and learned to be patient, caring, kind and thankful for all those great years that Winston provided us in regards to our own character development.

The next afternoon while driving home from the grocery store, I saw a hunting dog bound across a lonesome back road, and then across a cow pasture, running as smoothly as a panther, in what was clearly a hot and beautiful pursuit.
I did not think this was a mystical sign, or even a coincidence, but I also didn't know I was stopped until I glanced in my rearview mirror and saw cars idling behind me.

It was just a bitter comfort in that moment to see something hunting out there.
The Edge of Being: new faith in a brave new world......

Thursday, August 29, 2013



A place where one lives, especially together as a family.

A place of affection, joy and happiness.

A valued refuge and resting place.

A habitation offering security and protection, where friendships flourish.

"To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong."

How great is it that we can motivate ourselves to create a haven that allows all the creatures of comfort, the objects of affection, and the energy of our past that focuses us on the future benefits of staying strong to our passions and following through with our dreams.

The honesty of our lives are apparent.
"The minute you do something overstated and exhilarating, an apology must come right on its heels. The humble has to be in the presence of its opposite."

Think about how and what your World is all about.
Create that magical experience with your sense of style attributes.

Make sure when you pass through the narrowness of the front door, that you enter into a room that is all about rest and repose and cure and healing.

Our House is its own kind of sanctuary. A bit brave and a bit tender.
Create and enjoy all that you are about.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Handwritten Thank-You Notes

As Southerners, our women are very distinctive.
And with them, their are rules.
They are Good-Humored, Outspoken, God-fearing, Immutable, and I could go on and on, for everybody's enjoyment, but mostly, benefit.

Southern Women just simply make the effort.
I simply remember my mother and grandmothers.
They did it all, with grace and passion.
Whether they were stressed out baking those extra three dozens of cookies for the school fund-raiser, or taking the time to handwrite Thank-You notes, or spending a minimum of twenty minutes a day in front of their makeup mirror so they can examine their beauty in "office", "outdoor", and "evening" illumination.
Always better to focus on what you can control and make the best of what you have.
Why pretend the world is something it isn't?
Simply, Southern women are the ultimate caretakers.
They are willing to give.
They put in their time. They give advice. Whether you need it or not. Take it !
They listen, They talk, boy do they talk.
They laugh often, and without apology.
They bond, and adore their friends and family.
They can carry any conversation you wish to conduct. They are smart. Do not forget that one.

My grandmother knew how to bake a funeral casserole and why you should.
My mother knew how to make other women feel pretty. And she loved to dance.
That manners count, and she liked phone calls on Sundays.

So we in the South understand unwritten rules.
We are unique in every way, thanks to following the expectations that were formulated for us all.
How brilliant these women are in the South.

We love them for all their passions and for them, we too make a difference.

Knowing Your Place

Each day I wonder.
I stop at a lone honey locust tree standing in the middle of the field.
We always tried to pay attention to the things most of us ignore or simply don't take the time to notice in our daily comings and goings.
To see the natural world through a magnifying glass, or a beautiful poem, is the first step toward wanting to preserve it.
"There are no unsacred places;
there are only sacred places
and desecrated places."

As I wonder, I continue down a logging road shaded by oak and ash trees.
The trees and ferns and the wildflowers have formed a community on the hillside.
 Nothing lives here in isolation.

We all review our moments we enjoy each day to wonder how we will preserve these places for generations to savor in the future.
It is simple. Just maintain them. Protect them, and show your loved ones how great these places are, and how they provide not only for our esthetic, but how their ecosystems provide for a wild animal kingdom.
I know my secret place, and I protect them.
Do you have places you protect?  You should..
Make a difference..